Saturday, August 18, 2007

All the Girls/ Summer 2006

Our dog Tacoma

Krissi (Diston) Roberts- Where I am today...

I am happy to share with everyone an update on my life. Brett and I were married back in 2005 and just celebrated our two-year anniversary. As you may recall we met when I was a senior in high school and dated on and off for a while and then 4 years ago we decided to move into together and the rest is history. We live in West Jordan, UT where we built our home. We love to work in the yard and entertain friends with BBQ's and poker tournaments. We are big Jazz fans, love to play Texas Holdem, and enjoy traveling (especially cruising). I work at CompHealth and have been there for three years. I am on the Surgery team, where I recruit physicians for hospitals. As for children... Brett and I are trying, but in the meantime, our dog Tacoma keeps us busy.